Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

DM26 – Travel Plans

The Travel Plan SPD is listed under “Other Policy Documents”. The Travel Plan SPD makes references to policyT/11 and other paragraphs in the Replacement Local Plan. Policy T/11 will be superseded by DM26. Consequently the SPD will need updating once the Sites and Policies document is adopted.


The SPD requires:

·        A member of staff in the Council to be nominated as the Authority’s Travel Plan Co-ordinator.

·        The travel plan to be a long term travel management tool that is to have regular reviews with revisions as required.

·        The Travel Plan Co-ordinator for a development is to be a nominated individual.

The SPD does not attribute responsibility for appointment of a new adequately resourced travel plan co-ordinator if the nominated co-ordinator becomes unavailable or inadequately resourced. For example, developer may cease trading after the development is complete. The policy or the SPD should be modified to give appropriate powers and duties to the Authority’s Travel Plan Co-ordinator to set up a new travel plan co-ordinator for a development should that become necessary.