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Response Date 19 Apr 2013


Policy PH2 Old Mill Road, Portishead


Ignis Real Estate welcomes the proposed allocation of the Old Mill Road site for redevelopment.

The existing Old Mill Road Industrial site is tired and has experienced recent pressures for change

of use applications to alternative uses. The site lies adjacent to Portishead Town Centre on one

side and abuts on the other side a Waitrose foodstore, Lidl foodstore, Travelodge Hotel and a

committed Sainsbury’s Superstore. The Old Mill Road site does therefore form a natural extension

to Portishead Town Centre.

Ignis Real Estate has the following comments on the proposed wording of the allocation.

In respect to the phrase that proposals should include “ a mix of retail units providing these

complement rather than compete with Portishead High Street”, the reference to the requirement to

complement rather than compete with the High Street should be removed. Although it is the


intention of Ignis Real Estate to propose a scheme which will complement rather than compete with


the High Street, it is not understood how this subjecctive ‘test’ will be assessed or implemented in


respect to any application. Any planning application for redevelopment of the site will be supported


by a full planning, retail and economic statement justifying the proposed mix of uses proposed on


the site. It is anticipated that larger floorplate users will be encouraged to the site which by their


nature, will bring a different offer than the smaller principally independent shops of the High Street


in Portishead.


In respect to “a mix of bars/restaurants/cafes, leisure, tourist uses with potential for residential and offices users on upper floors” as a result of the outline nature of any forthcoming application Ignis Real Estate is keen to maintain as much flexibility as possible to ensure that the most


complimentary scheme to Portishead Town Centre is proposed. As such, the policy should be


reworded to allow sufficient flexibility to ensure that there is no absolute pre-requirement for any


scheme to include all of the above uses.