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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

National Grid proposals in the area

The proposed mixed use allocation at North West Nailsea lies in close proximity to the proposed new 400kV

line from Bridgwater to Seabank. (please refer to drawing ref. G1979.1053c which is enclosed with this

letter). The site allocation has the potential to be affected by the associated works required on the Western

Power Distribution (WPD) network and this should be reflected in the wording of the policy.

At present the site at North West Nailsea is crossed by two 132kV overhead distribution lines owned and

operated by WPD. As part of the Hinkley C Connection project National Grid will be dismantling the

westerly of the two 132kV overhead lines and National Grid proposes to place underground the second

132kV overhead line from the south west of Nailsea to Portishead substation. These works are required as

a result of the proposed new 400kV line which will run to the north west of the proposed site allocation.

Any development on the allocated site should therefore have regard to the WPD electricity infrastructure

works in this area including the proposed 132kV undergrounding. Any developers should be encouraged to

enter into consultation with National Grid and WPD at the earliest opportunity.

Policy references to proposed electricity network infrastructure



Policy DM51 of the draft Sites and Policies DPD introduces the policy intention for the mixed use

sites listed in Schedule 3.




Schedule 3 (Nailsea) states that the proposed development would be

“subject to the location of

proposed pylons and associated corridor. Also see Policy NA2.”





Policy NA2 provides the policy basis for the North West Nailsea site allocation. Within the

background section it is stated that:




“National Grid intend to replace the existing pylons on the site

with new larger structures located offsite.”



The policy text then refers to

“the diversion, as

appropriate, of overhead power lines”.



National Grid request that the above policies are revised to reflect the proposed infrastructure works in and

around the site as the text in NA2 is not representative of the proposed scheme as outlined above and the

current reference to


of the overhead lines lacks clarity. It is suggested that the policies make

reference to the proposed removal and undergrounding of the two existing 132kV overhead lines. The


proposed alignment of the 400kV National Grid overhead line does not cross through the proposed


allocation and would not affect any development on the site. It would also be advisable for emphasis to be


placed on the need for future development of the site to take account of and be designed with specific


regard to the emerging electricity infrastructure works including the proposed 132kV undergrounding. To


achieve this it may be useful to place the infrastructure works in the context of the regional and national


importance which they hold.


National Planning Policy Framework


It is evident that the above National Grid scheme is of strategic regional and national importance. The


National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) recognises the key role which local authorities should play in


taking a proactive approach to meet the development needs of business and support a twenty-first century


economy. The NPPF affirms that planning policies should recognise and seek to address potential barriers


to investment, including a poor environment or any lack of infrastructure, services or housing. Amongst


other requirements local planning authorities should




“identify priority areas for economic regeneration,



provision and environmental enhancement”

(paragraph 21). The NPPF then goes on to


articulate that local authorities should work with other authorities and providers to “


assess the quality and


capacity of infrastructure for energy utilities and its ability to meet forecast demands”

and “take acco

unt of


the need for strategic infrastructure including nationally significant infrastructure within their areas”

(paragraph 162).


National Grid therefore request that the above policy references are discussed further at the earliest



tunity. This course of action is strongly supported by the NPPF and would assist the “Soundness” of


the Plan in that it would enable it to be positively prepared (as it would be based on a strategy that meets

well evidenced infrastructure requirements) and consistent with national policy contained in the NPPF.


Further Advice


National Grid is happy to provide advice and guidance to the Council concerning our networks. If we can

be of any assistance to you in providing informal comments in confidence during your policy development,

please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition the following publications are available from the National

Grid website or by contacting us at the address overleaf:


National Grid’s commitments when undertaking works in the

UK - our stakeholder, community and

amenity policy;





specification for Safe Working in the Vicinity of National Grid High Pressure Gas Pipelines and

Associated Installations - Requirements for Third Parties; and





A sense of place - design guidelines for development near high voltage overhead lines.