Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013


Policy DM9: Nature Conservation


This policy should be worded to reflect the balanced approach that is necessary towards reconciling the objective to protect biodiversity with meeting the needs for development. In some circumstances this may mean accepting a significant adverse impact on biodiversity. The requirement to demonstrate ‘overriding’ need for development where significant adverse impact occurs implies a negative presumption against development. This should not necessarily be the case since, in terms of overall sustainability, it may be that the development should proceed.

The policy should be worded to nurture a balanced approach to the consideration of development in relation to biodiversity. It is too onerous to presume that ‘planning permission will not be granted for development that would have a significant adverse effect on locally designated wildlife and geological sites and Local Nature Reserves, unless the importance of the development outweighs the value of the substantive interest present’. Such an approach is inconsistent with the requirement for the Plan to be positively prepared, justified and effective.