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Response Date 19 Apr 2013


Policy DM35: Housing Type and Mix


To ensure that a range and choice of new housing types is available, and indeed ‘deliverable’ within the Plan period, it is essential to ensure that a range and choice of sites is available on which to accommodate them. Choice of location is critical to delivering the housing requirements. This should be reflected in the policy and in the allocations that are made in accordance with Policy DM34.

The support for ‘aspirational housing’ should apply more widely than Weston-super-Mare. If business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals are to be attracted to the district it must be accepted that their choice of residential location will not necessarily be at Weston-super-Mare and that they may prefer to live at one of the lower tier settlements, such as Nailsea. This must be reflected in the range and quality of locations for which opportunities for residential development are made in the Plan. The site identified above at South West Nailsea would be well suited to the provision of ‘aspirational housing’ and thereby attracting the wealth generators sought through the policy.