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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

Policy DM34 Housing Allocations

Persimmon Homes object to Policy DM34 Housing Allocations including Schedule 1 and Schedule 3.

Whilst the allocation of Weston Airfield (Winterstoke Village) is welcomed, the position of the Council regarding housing provision in North Somerset may need to be revised in light of the partially successful High Court challenge to aspects of the Core Strategy.

As this relates to the scale of development, it is questionable whether it is desirable for the council to continue to progress the North Somerset Sites and Policies Plan, as this may prove a source of confusion, a costly process and may also be subject to further legal challenge.

Persimmon consider that it would be preferable for the Council to withdraw the current plan and produce an alternative Sites plan, based on the new housing figure, having regard to whether or not the Green Belt should be altered, in due course taking account of the Duty to Cooperate and the need for a comprehensive review of the Bristol & Bath Green Belt.

However, if the Council is minded to continue with the current Sites Plan as an interim measure, then greater flexibility should be introduced, consistent with the NPPF, by the inclusion of  the wording ‘At Least’ in the capacity remaining column for each site in Schedule 1.   This would enable an efficient use of the development sites identified.

Best and most efficient use should be made of identified development sites, particularly pdl sites. The plan should enable this to occur.

Often the capacity of a large site is not determined until the detailed design stage has been completed. Therefore, the plan needs to retain a degree of flexibility on the capacity of particular sites.

A significant boost to the provision of housing will not be achieved unless there is an increase in the amount of development planned for in North Somerset in all the relevant development plan documents.

Change Sought to the Plan

That Schedule 1 be revised to overcome the above objection.