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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

Policy DM2 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy

Persimmon Homes object to Policy DM2 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy.

It is noted that the policy states the application of renewable and low carbon energy generation as part of the energy strategy at the Weston Villages should be a priority, and proposals coming forward there will need t demonstrate how this is being addressed.

Whilst acknowledging the importance of climate change and the policy shift towards renewable and low carbon energy in planning, the policy as drafted is unsound as it is inconsistent with national policy, in particular the NPPF para 97.

The policy should apply generally in North Somerset as a whole, not solely to the Weston Villages. It should not be restricted simply to the Weston Villages as all development has the ability to address the low carbon issue and the policy would be more effective if it applied more widely.

Furthermore, the policy would be more effective and realistic if it made clear that it was subject to viability and where compliance to the policy is not thought practicable the policy should allow for applicants to demonstrate, through the submission of a Sustainable Energy Strategy, why the policy should not apply to a particular development.

The policy also needs to clarify its relationship to the Building Regulations and relevant national policy, such as the Code for Sustainable Homes or equivalent. 

On balance, the policy might be better replaced by a more overarching sustainable construction policy, which would need to be subject to further consultation, particularly with the development industry.

Change Sought to the Plan

That the Policy DM2 be revised to overcome the above objection.