Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

Policy DM34

2.1 The consultation on the housing allocations is premature given that the scale of housing that it

seeks to allocate sites to achieve is undetermined as a result of the recent High Court Judgement in

respect of the Core Strategy. However, notwithstanding this, we believe that the sites identified in

Appendix 1 are both suitable for residential development.

Weston Gateway Central

2.2 Land has to be identified in WsM to meet a significant housing requirement. We set out later in

these representations why we believe it is not appropriate for the Weston Gateway Central site to be

re-allocated for employment purposes. Given the circumstances that are described below we

consider that site would be more appropriately allocated for housing.

The site is well related to existing and planned residential uses to the west. It could deliver much

needed housing within a sustainable location for residential development with good transport

connections for cars, public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

Well Close, Winscombe

2.4 The Core Strategy Policy CS32 sets the context for small scale residential or mixed use schemes

which demonstrate clear local benefits and are supported by the local community to be brought

forward through the Sites and Policies Plan.

2.5 The site identified in Appendix 2 at Well Close, Winscombe scored highly within a Site Search and

Selection Report undertaken in May 2009 on behalf English Rural Housing Association and

Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council. That report is attached as

Appendix 2

and included a

comparative assessment of sites within and adjoining the existing developed areas of Winscombe


and Sandford in terms of their availability and suitability for housing development.


2.6 The site is available and suitable for residential development. It could deliver much needed


housing, including affordable housing, within the village. Its allocation for a small housing


development would be complementary to, or offer an alternative to, the proposed allocation at


Woodborough Farm identified at draft Policy W1.