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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

DM35 Housing Type and Mix


Persimmon considers it is not right to rely on new sites to specifically redress any imbalance in the existing housing stock.  New housing sites can only have a minimal impact in achieving this requirement through the development of specific sites.  It is more important that new housing is allocated and delivered in accordance with the SHMA to provide the opportunity for movement in the local housing market in the area where the site is located, so that any imbalances are addressed through the operation of the total housing market, including both new and existing homes and for all tenures. 


Secondly, the Policy supports aspirational housing at Weston-super-Mare in order to attract Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Professionals to the Town.  Whilst this is an important aspiration, the need for aspirational housing should be looked at on a District wide basis to attract those who will be more interested in Town and Village locations, rather than in Weston-super-Mare.  It is better to attract high value households to the Council’s area, rather than seeing them locate in the Village locations which are available near to Weston-super-Mare in other Districts. 


Thirdly, identification of specifically designed live/work units is counter productive and restricts choice, when any standard house will potentially perform a live/work function anyway. 


Fourthly, the Policy requires housing mix to be justified at the Planning Application Stage, but the evidence base for such an approach needs to be provided through an up to date SHMA which would provide an objective Assessment of housing needs in the housing market area, one which the Council derives its overall strategy to provide a framework for Planning Applications.