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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

B .4 Local Green Spaces;


The Community Plan argued for protection of 2 areas off Moor Lane and Farleigh Fields that were special to the community.  This was developed in dBNP where they began to be defined as 2 Local Green Spaces (LGS).  This contradicts Schedule 8, pp16 that names only one – that at Farleigh Fields. The second is located off Moor Lane Fields and we submit both should be included in the S & P DPD.


A sound case has been made that BRA’s proposal Option ‘B’ should be adopted and indeed we understand there is now common ground between a revised Option ‘A’ and our own Option ‘B’ for Farleigh Fields LGS to include all 6 fields (some small).


At Moor Lane Fields, the Option ‘B’ LGS includes parts of 12 fields (some very small) as shown in the schematic drawing in dBNP but with the omission of parts of ‘field 21’ that are the properties known as ‘Natal’ and ‘Summerleaze’.


It is noted that Backwell Lake is included as a proposed LGS as part of Nailsea in Schedule 8 on pp 16.  It is our understanding that Backwell Lake lies within the Parish of Backwell although the grassed area to its north is in Nailsea.  We advocate that at the first opportunity the lake and its surrounds should be redesignated as part of the extension of Green Belt, as stated above, rather than as LGS with its current wildlife status being retained in a designated Strategic Gap.