Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

B.2.2 Residential Development, Specific:


BRA supports sites A, B, C being proposed in dBNP (7.66) as appropriate residential development in the plan period.


It is essential that the yield of affordable/social housing be no less that that ‘pencilled in’ in the dBNP.  We wish to see CS16 implemented in respect of village sites and in particular that, ‘a benchmark of 30% will be sought as a staring point, Further, we would advocate that,  ‘Only in exceptional circumstances where it can be robustly justified, off-site provision or a financial contribution in lieu ..’  should be subject to a test of very exceptional circumstances, as a demonstration of robustness. Off-site provision should still fall within the village.


BRA supports the appropriate redevelopment of sites D & E in the dBNP.  In the event that employment use is not viable it is appropriate to consider these for some residential use.  This could include mixed use (e.g. retail/apartments) or better as retirement/sheltered housing/care housing that also provide significant employment opportunities.