Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

B.1.1 Green Belt:


In the period to 2026 there should neither be, nor is there any need, for any development in the Green Belt surrounding parts of the village of Backwell.  No very special circumstances are foreseeable and local support is unlikely to be forthcoming. The GB should continue to be fully protected. (CS6 &dBNP 7.12.)


Given a regional review of Green Belt there is a need to:

 extend it to the west beyond Station Road where it exists to the north of the railway line This will reinforce the Strategic Gap (dBNP 7.14), 

 remove a small area out of Green Belt, in the south of the Parish, to establish a Settlement Boundary around the most densely developed area of Downside, centred on Hyatt’s Wood Road and Oatfield. This would permit improved land use and potential improvement of dwellings. (dBNP 13.5 & 13.12c).


We submit that there can be no very special circumstances in the plan period for the extension of the HWRC, located at Coles Quarry, further into the Green Belt.