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Response Date 18 Apr 2013

I would like to voice my concerns over your proposals for sites for the rail line and the railine in general.

The railline will connect portishead only to temple meads and not to central bristol so have you actually considered who will actually use the line? I would not catch the train to go shopping as it is just not central. Have any surveys been considered using actual prices for fayres to see who will actually use the service?

I understand that the line will be loss making and if so what other services will be cut to fund this line? We are in desperate need of school places not a railway to the middle of nowhere.

The only site thatis viable is option1 in the centre, at least it will be in the centre and can be accessed by all.

Option 3 is the least viable option. It really is out of town so people will have to drive and park and that will cause so much congestion on an already congested village quater. If parking in the car park is not free cars will litter fennel road and the surrounding area making it dreadful. The area will turn froma rural haven overlooking greenbelt land to a noisy and polluted one, overlooking a train station housing noisy old diesel engines! This will have not just a detrimental effect on the area in the loss of wildlife and habitation but on the people living there.

The stress of not knowing whether a beautiful view over greenbelt will be ruined, all for a trainline that SOME people may use! And is loss making. We have already lost value in the house, and if this decision takes years even decades to make could weigh heavily on many famillies like ours, so it a HUGE emotional burden not knowing if our houses will become heavily devalued (even more than now) and that we will be subject to higher crime, noise traffice polution. Stress is a huge problem and i have spoken to many people who live close by for whom this has already effected. This could quite literally ruin lives and put untold stress on famillies.

Traffic has recently eased on exit to portishead so why not fund a cheaper bus service, the only reason i don,t use is that it is not cost effective, but at least it is central.

The second option would at least allow people to access without driving but again, parking could heavily congest an already crazily busy phoenix way, and destroy the tranquil feel of this area, it would again immediately impact houses close to the line. The line also runs straight past a junior school, has the safety aspect truely been considered.

I like to think of myself not as a nimby but as fair and thoughtful person,who genuinely believes that this whole proposition needs to be reconsidered. In a time of austerity do we truely have cash to throw at a loss making venture that may be little used, and could destroy many lives and households in the process. I would like a true say in how money is spent and in my opinion we need more schoold places and public space spending way ahead of a railline.