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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

"The road over railway bridge would entail replacing the existing roundabout at Quays Avenue, Phoenix Way & Harbour Road, with an elevated signal controlled T junction. This would have a visual and environmental impact on a number of residential properties adjacent to Quays Avenue and retirement apartments on Harbour Road. The estimated cost of the road bridge is £6m. The road over railway bridge would mean the roads and pavements would entail gradients that some people may find more difficult than the current layout."

Alternatively, North Somerset Council could push Network Rail for a level crossing as it will only be used at most twice an hour by slow trains. Better than innumerable pedestrian-crossings, especially those late for the half hourly train.

Or, North Somerset Council could prioritise public transport for the common good over the unfettered private transport of the past. Harbour Road, if cleared of parked cars, could provide adequate access to the residential areas of the Village Quarter if Quays Avenue were to stop at the railway line as it did when it was first built.