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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

I would like to make a better case for the station to be located as per Option 1. I don't think the design that is currently shown has been given any real thought.  All the existing track will have to be replaced as it is unsuitable - therefore the vertical alignment of the track can be amended either up or down. If there was enough leeway to take the track up enough then the railway could go over the road, with the road level being reduced significantly to go under. The track is currently the highest point on Quays road anyway. Equally, If the track could be taken down enough then any bridge and embankment could be much lower with the obvious benefits to the visual impact and reduced costs. Essentially, a well engineered Option 1 is a possibility and could be significantly cheaper than is being suggested. I don't think a level crossing makes sense here anyway as it would be disruptive to traffic but it is very unlikely to be permitted now given the recent spate of incidents. Option 1 makes the most sense for Portishead as it is more central and takes people coming in to the centre of town. This makes even more sense with the proposed Old Mill Road development. 

The other two options are compromises that serve the people of Portishead less well - Option 2 puts the station too near the school and some houses in the Vale and requires the car park and station to be separated by Quays road which seems unnecessary given that option 1 exists. I can't see that the addition of a large open car park at this site will add much to the view for anyone nearby either. Option 3 puts the station too far out of Portishead and makes it too inaccessible for most people. It is also sited too close to houses in the Vale and the Village Quarter. We should not end up with this option because it is simply the cheapest, it does not allow the railway to fulfil many of the reasons for its re-opening.

The railway could be beneficial to Portishead but only properly with the station at the original location.