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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

I have a number of objections concerning the proposed railway site option 2 Portishead:

- The new proposed site of the station near to Trinity school,this would lead to even more congestion getting in and out of the Ashlands. Many of those who would be affected by the  new station site have little idea of the new proposed site.

-How difficult was it to register an objection!

-The expense to the tax payer to subsidise the line,the idea that 400,000 trips would be made each year seems a vast overexpectation. Remember these 'specialists' at the council were responsible for wasting hundreds of thousands on traffic management for the cabstand,which is still not servicable.

-if the car park is a pay and display, this will cause even more congestion on the local roads on the Ashlands and the Vale.with travellers trying to avoid additional costs.

-how many people would use the service to temple meads? many commutors do not work in the centre of bristol, and would then have to get onward travel to their place of work. the road improvements on the a369 have reduced traffic, and journey times,the majority of train users would have to drive to the station anyway.therefore increasing commuting times, and reducing the time benefits of the train.

all pensioners are entitled to free bus travel, why would they pay to use the service?the buses are empty as it is.

This area is populated with young families and children, this extra traffic will pose a danger to children, and provide even less areas for children to play.