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Response Date 18 Apr 2013


After serious consideration and reflection, I am compelled to comment about the proposed railway line coming into Portishead, specifically the proposed sighting of the Station in Moor Farm - Option 3.

I feel that Option 3 would not benefit the people of Portishead for the following reasons:

1. It is not in the centre of the town, resulting in travellers having to walk, get public transport or drive in an already congested road.

2. The Village Quarter and Vale estates will become 'car parks' for commuters wanting to leave their cars. These estates are already heavily congested with resident vehicles. In fact, it would be interesting to get a fire engine into some of the more cramped areas of these estates without adding additional commuter vehicles.

3. Do we really want to build on allocated Green Belt when the area around Waitrose has been preparing for a train station for a number of years - with a number of local businesses preparing to invest in and around Option 1?

4. Are visitors to Portishead really going to feel welcomed by being dropped off 15 min (walk) from the town centre! If it was me, I wouldn’t bother coming back!

5.  The proposed footbridge detailed in your plans could be sighted in a far more accessible place i.e. where the existing ‘temporary’ concrete path currently sits.  What’s the point in re-inventing the wheel here…..just use the existing one and upgrade it!

6. Option 3 will be bang in the middle of two major residential areas. Residents of these estates bought their houses of the understanding that a railway line may pass by one day....which was accepted. At no time were they informed that a railway station would be erected meters from their houses! This will cause significant issues such as; noise, crime, congestion, safety (especially for all the children living in these estates), nature reserve-animals, birds nesting and finally the catastrophic impact on their privacy rights!

Please, please do the right thing....let common sense prevail and go with OPTION 1.

A final thought……in the current climate of austerity……is this railway line into Portishead a NEED TO HAVE or a NICE TO HAVE?