Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 18 Apr 2013

CEMEX supports the text of Policy DM18 but is concerned that the extent of the Minerals Safeguarding Area - Limestone that the Plan defines is insufficiently comprehensive, does not reflect guidance contained within paragraph 143 of the NPPF and is therefore unsound.  The third bullet point of paragraph 143 of the NPPF states that MSAs should relate to "...known locations of specific mineral resources of local and national importance...".  The currently defined MSA only identifies a relatively small area of known limestone resource that lies between two operational quarries, Stancombe and the Company's Freemans Quarry.  This area only forms a small part of a wider limestone resource that the Company considers to be of at least local importance.  To be found sound and to reflect guidance found within paragraph 143 of the NPPF it is requested that the MSA be revised to reflect the distribution of potentially commercial limestone reserve within North Somerset.  It is also suggested that either the policy or accompanying text be revised to clarify that an MSA passes no comment on the liklihood of any mineral being worked, only of its presence.  A plan is attached which illustrates the Company's understanding of the distribution of limestone deposits with the potential for aggregate production and should therefore form the basis of the proposed MSA.