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Response Date 17 Apr 2013

Nomination of the Belgian Avenue field, Sidcot, BS25 1LS as potential Local Green Space.

I am writing to strongly oppose any plans to build boarding houses on the Belgian Field in Sidcot.

To start with the field goes back many hundreds of years - and in the First World War made a quiet sanctuary for Belgian Prisoners of War to recuperate in. They were so grateful tht they gave the beautiful Beech trees to be a lasting memory of that war.

The peace and tranquillity can be felt to this day by all the walkers and the Ramblers Association etc. it is a wonderful start to walking the Mendip.

There are so many species of birds nesting and so much wildlife - the noise of building and shouting, music and instruments etc woudl change that haven for ever.

It is the one and only level and safe field for the elderly to walk in this area, and artists enjoy painting the view and surrounding wildlife.