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Response Date 18 Apr 2013

The various arguments have been well documented in previous contributions, sometimes brilliantly (stand up Abby and take a bow). I merely offer some thoughts.

The consultation paper lacks, some might say disingenuously, vital information. How can we punters make a reasoned judgement not knowing:

the probable frequency and timing of trains; (someone must know)

the probable cost of train fares; (someone must know)

the probable cost to users of designated car parks; (someone must know)

whether the last two will make the cost more (or less) economically attractive than car journeys;

the potential for the clogging up of neighbourhood streets by commuter cars which can't, or choose not to, use the designated car park;

the impact of the recent M5 J19 roundabout improvement and its easing of commuter problems (and its possible undermining of one of the paper's main arguments);

the feasibility of a park and ride alternative; (why concentrate cars inside the town when they can be located outside?);

real market research; (who, besides the small group of trainspotting zealots, really wants the railway reconnected anyway?)

Option III was bound to inflame local residents and environmentalists - was its inclusion just a ruse to bias support towards Options I and II?

And why is there still an Option I if the mooted cost of the hairbrained 'bridge' over Quays Avenue is (presumably) prohibitive?

Has anyone consulted Waitrose, Lidl (and Sainsbury)? Their present 'liberal' attitude to who uses their car parks free will surely change if lots of rail commuters descend for whole day parking.

We are told that the rail project will run at a loss. Now will this deficit be paid for just by Portishead residents (many of whom indicate strongly that they don't want a railway) or by all of the residents of North Somerset, most of whom will have no interest in it?

As a cyclist, I can't help thinking that Sustrans could make a lovely cycle track out of the railway line - with minimal impact on the environment.