Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 18 Apr 2013

Not sound

Not consistent with national policy


The policy indicates that financial contributions will be sought where it is not possible, practical or desirable to make provision for green infrastructure on sites of 10 or more dwellings.

The Glossary (page 174) defines Green infrastructure as comprising: “the strategically planned and delivered network of high quality green spaces and other environmental features and includes parks, open spaces, playing fields, woodlands, allotments and private gardens”.

It is not clear which elements of Green Infrastructure would be funded through individual Section 106 Agreements and which elements would be truly strategically planned and funded through the Core Strategy. 

Suggested change:

Add text to clarify that: financial contributions will only be sought for those elements of Green Infrastructure which arise as a direct result of the development and which are not already funded through the CIL, in order to avoid the possibility of double counting.