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Agent Turley Associates (H Tilton)
Response Date 17 Apr 2013



Policy DM1: ‘Flooding and drainage’


The policy advises that sustainable drainage systems are expected, and that alternatives will only be permitted where sustainable drainage is impractical and the alternative ‘does not raise insurmountable objections’. We consider that it is inappropriate to refer to ‘objections’; technical feasibility and viability are, however, relevant considerations.

We note that the policy refers to essential flood prevention and drainage works being completed and adopted prior to first ‘residential occupation’. This text should be reconsidered, as it is unclear whether the policy is intended to relate to residential development only, or all forms of operational development.

The policy appears to require that open areas within developments are designed to optimise drainage and reduce run-off using a specific method (specifically permeable/porous surfacing). This may not always be the only appropriate method of reducing run-off, and we suggest that the policy should provide flexibility to enable alternative solutions to be considered.