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Response Date 17 Apr 2013

Given that additional land may need to be allocated for residential development following the re-examination of CS13, we consider it premature to allocate any of the land at Weston-super-Mare as Strategic Gap until a final decision is taken in relation to the scale of new housing in the district. Accordingly, the Strategic Gap allocation at Weston-super-Mare should be deleted from the draft Plan pending a final decision on Policy CS13.

Even if the Council does not accept that the Strategic Gap should be deleted in its entirety, we consider that the proposed allocation should be substantially amended to allow future residential development adjoining existing and proposed neighbourhoods.

We submit that land between Locking Farm Industrial Estate and Locking Head Drove should be removed from the proposed Strategic Gap on the grounds that it forms a logical extension to Parklands Village should further development be required as a result of the re-examination of Policy CS13, or following some later review of the Core Strategy. We note that much of this land is in an area at low risk of flooding and that, in accordance with the NPPF, the planning authority should be directing future development to such areas in order to meet the challenge of climate change, flooding and coastal change.

We consider that, if there are sound and justifiable reasons for providing further physical separation between Locking and Parklands Village, of which we have seen no evidence, then this could be satisfactorily achieved by providing a landscape buffer, similar in width to the existing buffer on the south side of the A371, between Locking Farm Industrial Estate and Locking Head Drove.

We further submit that the allocation of a small triangle of land immediately to the east of Locking Farm Industrial Estate as Strategic Gap serves no useful purpose and should, thus, be deleted. In fact, the use of the land is more closely aligned to the neighbouring industrial estate and its allocation for industrial purposes, or as part of the proposed secondary/UTC site, would be the most appropriate use for this area.

We attach a plan showing the minimum area which should be deleted from the Strategic Gap.