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Response Date 17 Apr 2013

The Core Strategy (Policy CS19) defines strategic gaps as important areas between settlements or parts of settlements aimed at maintaining local character and distinctiveness. The intention of the policy is to prevent the erosion of such areas by inappropriate development.

We submit that the open area of land to the south of Laneys Drove/A371; west of Locking and east of Oaktree Park is not an important open area, nor is it important to the character or distinctiveness of the area. In fact, parts of the proposed allocation are untidy, or have been used for other purposes in the past. Furthermore, the proposed allocation of this land as strategic gap would actually divide the exixting community on the grounds that residents of Oaktree Park consider themselves residents of Locking, and look to the village for local services and amenities.

We have made representations to policy DM33 recommending that the existing Oaktree Park should have its own allocation as such, thereby recognising the important contribution to the local housing market which the park makes. We have also recommended that a new policy should be introduced which allows for the future expansion of such sites where certain criteria are met. In practice, any such expansion of Oaktree Park would need to be on land between the existing park and Locking village. We consider that any expansion of the park which meets the criteria would actually strengthen existing ties to the village, and should be encouraged for the benefit of residents of the park, and the village itself.

For these reasons we consider that the allocation of this area as strategic gap should be deleted on the grounds that its serves no useful purpose and would, in fact, prevent the future expansion of the existing park.