Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 25 Mar 2013

Currently Portishead has a thriving High Street, even in the current economic climate we have very few empty properties. This is in no small part thanks to a town plan that places a value on this area of the town.

I can certainly see a significant argument for developing the Old Mill Road site for additional uses but I am concerned that this have the effect of creating a secondary retail area that will definately impact upon the High Street and eventually destroy the heart of our village.

I am unable to see how it is possible from a planning perspective to ensure that these new retail units "compliment rather than compete with Portishead High Street" and unfortunately see this statement as nothing more than propeganda.

We must remember that Old Mill Road provides an important warehousing and commercial area that although currently underused will be required when the ecomony picks up again.

The argument always seems to be that redevelopment as retail will create more jobs, but we must remember that retail developments really do nothing more than moves jobs as they destroy as many jobs as they create. To allow this entire area to go across to high end retailers is in my view a short sighted move that we will all regret in the long term.