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Response Date 08 Mar 2013

2) Capitalising on the major arterial route – M5 Motorway

North Somersetis blessed (though some say blighted) by having a major arterial route running roughly central through the district. The economic opportunities this brings are not clearly highlighted in the Sites and Policies Plan.

Not only does the M5 allow local business and commerce to easily connect to the national motorway network,North Somersetis also located on a major holiday route.

It has already been identified that trends in visitor spend inWeston-super-Mareshows an increase in day visitors. Is enough being done or planned to capitalise on the potential market from through traffic?

For example,Weston-super-Mareseafront is (depending on traffic management) only 15 minutes from junction 21. There is no indication on the motorway that it is so close.

North Somerset could be considered mid-point between the far Southwest and both the Midlands andLondonI believe more could be done to attract short term visitors wishing to break their journey.

This market is currently cornered by national chains of motorway service stations, therefore denying benefits to the wider local economy. This also delivers a drab experience of being inNorth Somersetand could be improved through specific planning measures

* I would like to see the Plan address the potential gains to the local economy from the motorway network and will refer to this again in relation to Markets (below)