Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

Site Allocations

Site Allocations Interactive Map

Site allocations

All proposed site allocations can be viewed on our interactive map. The site allocations are split into different topic areas: 

  • Settlement Boundaries
  • Waste
  • Flooding and Drainage
  • Air Travel and Safety
  • Community Facilities
  • Employment
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Green Belt and Strategic Gaps
  • Housing
  • Minerals
  • Transport
  • Mixed Use Sites
  • WestonTownCentre Areas
  • Retail

 You can also view the Planning Constraints on the map.

 The interactive map can be viewed here, if you have any comments on any of the site allocations please submit them at the bottom of this page.

How to use the Sites and Policies interactive map

Base map

The interactive system features two different options for the base map (ordnance survey and aerial photographs).  To switch between the two you can click on the buttons for this located in the top right hand corner of the map window.

Search for a location

Once opened, the system will default to show the whole of the district within the map window.  You can find the place you are looking for by searching for an address in the location search box above the map window or you can move around the map by using either the compass and zoom buttons in the top left hand corner of the map window.  If you click on the ‘+’ button you can zoom in, and the ‘–‘ button will zoom the map out.  Clicking on the arrows of the compass will move the map in that direction, or you can just click on the map and move around by moving the mouse.


The map scale is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the map window.  This will change automatically if you zoom in or out.

Layers and key

Once opened, the system defaults to show all available layers over the chosen base map.  You can display as many or as few layers as you wish, by ticking on or off the layers down the left hand pane.  Some layers contain more than one set of information.  To expand a layer, click on the blue + sign next to the layer name.  This will then display all of the information within that layer, and how it is shown on the map.

Information about each designation

By clicking on the map you can view information relating to that specific location.  If you click on the map a pop up window will display the details of any allocations that cover that area, including the site name, what it is allocated for, which policy relates to that designation and any other relevant information.  It will also give details of any relevant planning constraints that affect that area.  Please note: if a layer is ticked off in the left hand pane results for it will not be shown when you click on the map.