Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

Older and Vulnerable People

DM 40 -43

Older and vulnerable people

Core Strategy Policies

CS26 Supporting Healthy Living and the provision of health care facilities

CS12: Achieving High Quality Design and Place-making

CS15: Mixed and Balanced Communities

CS2: Delivering Sustainable Design and Construction

Other documents

"Planning and Access for Disabled People: A Good Practice Guide"

DCLG strategy "Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods"

Residential Design Guidance Note; Protecting the living conditions of neighbours. NSC June 2009

Replacement Local Plan Policies

H/11 Housing with care and/or support for vulnerable people

Policy GDP/3- General Development Principles

H/7 Residential Development within settlement boundaries

Policy Intentions:

  • Require the provision of accommodation aimed at achieving various degrees of independent living for older or vulnerable people on all new major residential developments.
  • Support developments aimed at independent living elsewhere within certain criteria.
  • Not permit new care homes unless they replace an existing one and there is a continuing need, or there is insufficient provision locally to meet that type of specialist care.
  • Require lifetime home standards on new developments.
  • Support residential annexes (granny annexes). 


Residential Design Guidance Note; Protecting the living conditions of neighbours. NSC June 2009

This is a suite of policies designed to meet the needs of an ageing population. The emphasis is on developing a range of accommodation to provide greater choice and independence. It reflects a move away from traditional care homes towards support for different types of assisted independent living. 

Policy DM 40: Retirement accommodation and supported independent living for older and vulnerable people

DM40 retirement accomm

The council will support development of a range of accommodation aimed at independent living for older and vulnerable people provided that:

  • it is located within the settlement boundary;
  • shops, public transport, community facilities and medical services can be reached easily by those without access to a car, as appropriate to the needs and level of mobility of potential residents; and
  • it will provide an appropriate standard of facilities, independence, support and/or care.

The provision of accommodation aimed at achieving various degrees of independent living for older or vulnerable people will be required on all residential planning developments over 100 dwellings.

Policy DM 41: Nursing and care homes for older people and other vulnerable people (includes drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres)

Planning permission will not be granted for extensions to or new residential care or nursing homes within Class C2 of the Use Classes Order (including the change of use of an existing property) unless:

  • the new proposal replaces an existing similar sized care home in North Somerset which will no longer be used for that purpose and there is a continuing identified local need; or where it can be demonstrated that there is insufficient provision in the locality to meet local need for that type of specialist care;
  • the proposal is within a defined settlement boundary. Outside settlement boundaries evidence will need to be provided that no alternative site exists within the towns or villages and that it is accessible by public transport;
  • the proposals itself or in conjunction with other similar uses or proposals nearby, will not harm the overall environmental, social or economic character of the surrounding area and/or character and amenities of adjacent properties; and
  • sufficient outdoor space is available for quiet relaxation either within the curtilage or in reasonable proximity.

Where appropriate, conditions will be attached to any new proposal to restrict any subsequent change of use to an alternative type of care home or use.

A separate evidence paper has been produced setting out the background data to develop policy for the Planning Management of Care Homes and schemes for Older People. The document can be viewed here.

Policy DM 42: Lifetime homes

All new residential development including residential annexes aimed at older people and age-restricted either by planning condition or as part of any leasing/renting agreement will be required to meet the Lifetime Homes Standards.

All new build residential developments over 10 dwellings will be required to be constructed to Lifetime Home standards. Conversions will be expected to meet the standards as far as practicable. 

DM43 residential annex

Policy DM 43: Residential annexes

Within settlement boundaries proposals will be permitted for residential annexes where they meet the design standards set out in policy DM 31 (High quality design and place making).

In other settlements and the countryside annexes will only be permitted where they are clearly an extension to the main dwelling and can be converted into the main dwelling once there is no longer a need for the annex. Proposals which are not designed as an integral part of the house will not be permitted.

Note: Any proposals in the Green Belt will also need to comply with Policy DM 13 (Development within the Green Belt).

Policy DM 44

Gypsy and Travellers


Core Strategy Policies

CS 18 Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Show people

Replacement Local Plan Policies

H/12 Sites for gypsies and travelling show people


Policy Intentions:

  • Ensure that any new sites are well related to local services and facilities and do not impact on the surrounding countryside.
  • To minimise tensions between the settled and travelling communities.
  • Ensure that any sites meet the needs of the travelling community.
  • Avoid circumstances where there is pressure to grant permission on appeal on inappropriate sites.


This policy is based on the Core Strategy policy but updated to reflect the changes introduced by the government's Planning Policy for Traveller Sites and taking into account the North Somerset Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Consultation 2011. A 'call for sites' initiative in the context of the Gypsy and Travellers Site Allocations DPD in 2009 failed to identify deliverable sites which met appropriate locational or site suitablility criteria. A decision was taken not to proceed with that document and instead to incorporate the Gypsy and Traveller site allocations as part of the Sites and Policies Plan. The Weston Villages SPD recognised the potential of this new strategic allocation to either identify suitable sites within the development or to negotiate off-site locations for residential sites for Gypsies and Travellers. Following an initial consideration of potential opportunities to bring forward sites as part of the Weston Villages development and discussion with landowners, two off-site opportunities have been identified. One of these at Old Junction Yard is proposed as an allocation. The other site west of Winterstoke Road is allocated for mixed use, but it is recognised that a Gypsy and Traveller site in this location may also be appropriate, but that will require further investigation. Further consideration will also be given to the potential to deliver additional sites within the Weston Villages development or at off-site locations, as the proposals for the development are further developed and in line with the Weston Villages SPD. 


Policy DM 44: Gypsies and Travellers

The council will seek to meet the identified requirement of 60 pitches by 2016 through the allocation of sites and the granting of planning consent.

Land at Old Junction Yard, Winterstoke Road, Weston-super-Mare as shown on the Proposal Map, is allocated as a Gypsy and Traveller site to accommodate around 20 managed residential pitches with the potential for the inclusion of a small number of short stay transit pitches.

In addition, the mixed use allocation of land west of Winterstoke Road, Weston-super-Mare as shown on the Proposals Map for residential and employment use may also represent an opportunity to investigate its potential to accommodate a small (around 12 managed pitches) Gypsy and Traveller site as part of a mixed use development. This will require further detailed investigations to address in particular flood risk and its relationship to neighbouring uses.

In determining planning applications for gypsy and traveller sites priority will be given to sites that are outside of the Green Belt and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and are:

i) Within settlement boundaries and in particular within the Weston Villages;

ii) On previously developed land;

iii) Close to local services and facilities;

iv) Capable of being developed without dominating or harming the character and living conditions of adjacent property and the local area;

v) Well located to the major road network.

In order to meet the identified need, sites outside of settlement boundaries may have to be considered These will have to be sensitively located and meet criteria (ii) - (v) above.