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Deleted User 27 Mar 2013

Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Ensuring Safe and Healthy Communities DM73

  • Comment ID: 927393//1
  • Status: Accepted
I am concerned that the draft plan within Policy DM74 undesignated green space, undermines and belittles National Government Policy Framework, by placing the same restrictions, without providing the same justification and criteria within. It follows from the above any green space could be refused planning permission. I note the same approach is being proposed for non-designated Historic and Heritage Assets. It is disingenuous to claim NPPF paragraph 7 provides justification for this policy, pr
Deleted User 27 Mar 2013

Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Living within Environmental Limits DM13

  • Comment ID: 927393//2
  • Status: Accepted
Green Belt I believe this policy to be incomplete and incorrect for the following reasons. The NPPF pages 20 and 21 section 89 defines that infilling in villages is appropriate development within the Green Belt, I hold confirmation from the D.C & L.G, that infilling in villages can also apply to land falling outside of village fences, envelopes etc. The stated reason for this is that neither village, limited, nor envelope is a legally defined term in this context, that is why envelopes is not
Deleted User 27 Mar 2013

Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Dwellings in the Countryside DM45-47

  • Comment ID: 927393//3
  • Status: Accepted
The conversion of redundant rural buildings to residential use. I am surprised to find that only buildings of traditional construction will be allowed, namely stone and tiles, when even within the Green Belt the only proviso for re-use, is that they are of permanent and substantial construction, traditional construction is not referred to within the NPPF would not allowing the cladding of existing redundant buildings in natural stone be more aesthetically pleasing within out natural environment