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Deleted User 18 Apr 2013

Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Delivering Strong and Inclusive Communities DM34

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1. We are aware that the Core Strategy is presently being reviewed following a successful challenge to the housing figures in the High Court. We understand that the judge found that the inspector had failed to give adequate reasons in his report for his conclusion that the Core Strategy housing requirement of 14,000 dwellings made sufficient allowance for latent demand (which is a demand for housing unrelated to the creation of new jobs). 2. The figure of 14,000 new dwellings is substantially l
Deleted User 17 Apr 2013

Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Transport DM22

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1. The Nurse Trust is the owner of the triangle of land bounded by Sheepway, the former railway line and the Moor Gate development on the eastern edge of Portishead. It is noted that one of the three options for a new railway station serving Portishead (Option 3) would be sited on land owned by the Trust. 2. The Trust fully supports the re-opening of the Bristol-Portishead branch line along its former route. It is clear that there are a number of issues relating to the three options for the rai