Revised North Somerset Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document

The Council is proposing to update the existing Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The current standards date back to November 2013 and are in need of a comprehensive update, particularly in light of the Council’s 2019 declaration of a Climate Emergency and ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The Parking Standards SPD supports Core Strategy Policy CS11: Parking and sets out the Council’s requirement for all types of parking provision (vehicle, cycle, motorcycle, etc) at new developments. It seeks to ensure that an appropriate level of parking is provided at new developments, and offers clarity for developers, officers and other stakeholders by providing clear and comprehensive guidance.

As part of this review, a variety of updates are proposed including:

  • The introduction of ‘Principle 19: Electric Vehicle Parking’ which sets out minimum requirements for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure at new development.
  • The introduction of ‘Principle 20: Car Club Schemes at New Development’ to ensure the provision of Car Club vehicles at suitable locations.
  • The introduction of a ‘Parking Needs Assessment’ to assist officers in determining a suitable level of parking in areas well served by active and public modes of transport and where car ownership and use is lower.
  • Increases to the minimum number of cycle parking spaces to be required at new developments.
  • Updates to Appendix A (Car and Cycle parking Standards), including introducing standards for sports halls, gyms/health clubs, cinemas and Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO).
  • A small increase in parking bay dimensions from 2.4m x 4.8m to 2.5m to 5m.

A more detailed report on the proposed updates to the SPD was presented to the Council’s Executive Committee on 28th April 2021. You can read the Executive report here.

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Tell us what you think!

This consultation seeks to gain valuable feedback from the residents, businesses and other stakeholders in North Somerset on the content of our revised Parking Standards SPD. This will allow us to make necessary changes to the SPD before seeking to finalise and adopt the revised version later in 2021.

We invite you to respond to our short questionnaire to share your views and help us refine and improve our proposals. You can access the questionnaire here.

The consultation will close on 28 June 2021.

Time until consultation ends:



  • Opened
    17 May 2021 at 10:00
  • Closed
    28 Jun 2021 at 23:00


Organisational Information

Contact Name Highways Development Management Team
Job title Transport Policy Officer
Contact Email
Contact Telephone 01934 888888

Project Information

Aim of this consultation To seek valuable feedback from the residents, businesses and stakeholders of North Somerset on our Parking Standards SPD. We want to understand whether the structure, content and aims of the SPD are right and if not, what we might be missing.
Close Date 28 Jun 2021 23:00
Consultation Topic
  • Community - neighbourhoods, equalities, youth offending and registrar
  • Environment - building work, transport, trees and recycling
  • Transport - construction and repair, travel or policy
  • Your council - councillors and committees, council tax or strategies
Context for this consultation In the context of the Climate Emergency, it is imperative that the Parking Standards SPD is updated to ensure new developments provide adequate parking provision for Electric Vehicles, Car Club vehicles, and sufficient numbers of cycle parking spaces.