Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document Nailsea Q25. Do you have any comments on the concept diagrams and alternative scenarios set out? View all on this section
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Response Date 08 Jan 2019

Nailsea is a more difficult area for new build as it has no easily accessible A road to help funnel away traffic. Talk of getting a new road link and motorway junction through to Clevedon seems unrealistic, simply on the basis of expense – it would be unjustifiable for such a small town.  Similarly, it is completely unrealistic to think that people would drive back towards Clevedon if their ultimate destination is Bristol.  Consequently, any new build here will result in a huge increase of traffic through Wraxall and up over the hill to Failand and Portbury, areas which are already suffering from high volume, fast traffic on small rural roads.  As a result, it seems more logical to the LAF not to build in Nailsea at all, but to put this particular new settlement much closer in towards Bristol, preferably inside the new ring road.  This would also mean that residents there would have far greater access to existing infrastructure – schools, doctors, public transport etc.  Failing that (by far the most sensible solution), any new build should be on the east, not west, side of the town where there is a far greater possibility of building a link road towards the A370. 

The LAF's other comment would be, again, that the new walking/cycle paths automatically become multi-user and should be linked to the existing network in order to get the gain from increased usage and encouraging people into a more healthy lifestyle. There also needs to be a multi-user path linking Nailsea and Clevedon, and subsequently to the Strawberry Line.  This would benefit both leisure and commuter use.

A new road link and motorway junction through Clevedon seems unrealistic. Where walking/ cycling paths are provided they must be multi-user.