Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 04 Jan 2019

The underlying concept appears to be provision of some employment but reliance on good commuting links to Bristol and Weston-super-Mare; this conflicts with the good sustainability principles for housing to be near employment. Hence, it is considered that there is little merit in high density housing near the railway station; flood zones and surface water also constrain development in this area. Whilst improvements in public transport are to be welcomed, the journey times to work places are unlikely to be short. It is considered that commuters are likely to opt for private transport with new development leading to additional traffic on the already stretched local road network.

The measures shown in Plan A do not address fundamental traffic infrastructure problems to properly serve the SDL-N. The measures proposed seem to merely move the problem around at certain pinch points. See also our response to Q39.

Provision of some employment with reliance on good transport links conflicts with good sustainability principles for housing to be near employment