Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 18 Dec 2018

I am writing to express my concerns with regards to the proposed removal of the Greenbelt status of the Valley in Nailsea, and the building of houses on this land.

This land is one of the very few remaining areas of green space that remains, as it is rapidly being swallowed up by concrete, bricks and Tarmac. It is vitally important that this Greenbelt remains on this land, to protect it, the wildlife and the Eco systems it supports, and the human population as well.

I have lived here in the same house in Nailsea all 43 years of my life. During that time Nailsea has changed from a village to a town, and is continuing to expand, joining us up with with surrounding towns!  As children huge amounts of our time was spent investigating and playing in the fields, woodland, and river that flows through through it!  There is an amazing amount of wildlife species that live within this land and are supported by this vitally important ecosystem. The river has a significant fall over its length to the river Yeo, and also is a huge asset considering the vulnerability of this land to flooding. The ground is extremely wet and even the fields that are at highest level flood, to the extent that wildfowl are often seen swimming along the hedge line in the large bodies of water that form.  This river supports a multitude of both animals, birds and plant species, some of which are protected and / or rare, such as the Otters, Kingfishers, etc.  The river also provides a habitat for a large amount of insect life, which in turn provides a food source for things such as the Horse shoe bats, amphibians including newts, reptiles including snakes and the legless lizards slow worms, The Fish that live in the river, and of course then birds that rely on these fish, insects and the creatures that live on those insects, such as Buzzards, Perigrine Falcons, Kingfishers, to name but a few. Although this land is itself not a SSSI Site of Special Scientific Interest, it is surrounded by areas that are, and this land provides a green corridor to link these areas together and bridge the gap between the concrete cities that are developing all around us!

There is no exceptional circumstances that would support the release of this Greenbelt, and is a contributing Greenbelt according to the Greenbelt assessment in joint Spacial plan. This indicates how important this piece of land is. Every night we have Hedgehogs, Badgers, and Foxes visiting our garden, that come from accross the field to our gardens in part to feed. If this land is taken to build on, their home and habitat will be gone so will be pushed further into the concrete world which they are not designed to live in, and so the already endangered Hedgehogs, of whom there are desperately few left, will likely also become extinct in this area too. This would be so very sad.

Nailsea and the surrounding areas have more than enough industrial areas. The infrastructure does not exist to support the building of houses and or industrial areas, there are inadequate roads, schools, Drs, shops, drainage systems etc. The pollution levels would rise significantly, both air and water could be affected by vehicle pollutants, and if pollutants reached the river or other water sources it could be devastating for not only the wildlife there, but also further along the river Yeo.  The traffic increase in and and out of the valley would make the roads far more dangerous for pedestrians, children, cyclists and the elderly, and the roads are not an adequate size or condition to support this increase. Nailsea does not have the employment opportunities to support an increase in population and it would make more sense to spend the money on building houses where the work is.

There had been a huge increase in the mental health issues of people in this country, and by taking green spaces away that have been proven to be of benefit in the recovery and maintaince of people's mental health would be a very poor choice.

Another consideration should be that current homes would be devalued by development of this land, as people pay for views, living in the country etc, if that is gone, do has the value of these properties.

All this being said, I hope that it realised what a hugely important piece of Greenbelt land that this is, and why it needs to remain so.

Object to building of houses at the Valley, Nailsea. Vitally important to protect green space, wildlife, ecosystems and human population. Land is vulnerable to flooding. River supports animal, bird, insect, fish and plant species including protected and rare species. Site is surrounded by SSSIs - land provides a green corridor. Nailsea has more than enough industrial areas, but inadequate infrastructure. Pollution levels would rise. More traffic. Green space important for mental health.