Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 13 Dec 2018

Nailsea Town Council have included in their Vision for Nailsea that current Green Belt land be reviewed and are in favour of loss of this land to the north of the town. Emphasis has been placed on protecting the strategic gap between Nailsea and Backwell but no consideration has been given to keeping the boundaries between Nailsea and Wraxall or Tickenham. They are in favour of accepting a speculative plan by the Land Value Alliance including up to 600 houses, commercial buildings and a new road connecting the B3130 from Jacklands to Wraxall House, all on Green Belt land with a steep gradient and the Land Yeo river running at the lowest point, which is a floodplain. The LVA plan includes no health care facilities or schools and the proposed new road would connect two stretches of ‘B’ road which are already full to capacity during peak travel times. NTC admit that most residents of any new housing in Nailsea would have to travel out of town to work. Building closer to the Railway Station would therefore seem more sustainable as passengers would be able to walk to the station.


Green Belt land exists to prevent urban sprawl and to separate towns and villages from each other, preserving the unique character of each. It provides a place for people to walk and relax, improving physical and mental health and wellbeing and also provides vital wildlife corridors, linking habitat and populations so that species do not become isolated and so under increased threat of decline. Once Green Belt land is built on it is lost to us and future generations.


At present the Green Belt to the north of Nailsea includes a network of footpaths, well used by individuals, walking groups, families and dog walkers. To the east, near Wraxall, is the site of a Roman villa. Adjacent is Tower House Wood, under care of the Woodland Trust, providing habitat for flora and fauna and recreation space for people. The area is populated by a variety of wild life species including bats, owls, raptors, little egrets and protected mammals. Jacklands Fishing Lakes provide recreation and education, teaching people including school children and those with disabilities how to fish. Having recently received a grant to improve facilities from West of England Rural Development/LEADER fund this small rural business would be under threat from encroaching development.


There is no overriding precedent to change this Green Belt land status. Nailsea Town Council would gain a one-off payment from the developer but would lose a local amenity for ever, and Tickenham, Nalisea and Wraxall would effectively be joined together, creating the opportunity for further urban sprawl. The risk of flooding and pollution of the river would increase, wildlife would be under pressure and the general landscape would be degraded.

Wherever new housing is built in North Somerset there is no point in putting it where there is no scope to build infrastructure and where people have to commute to find work, that is just not sustainable at present and will become less so in the future.

Oppose Nailsea Town Council proposal for GB release