Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 12 Dec 2018

The HBF is supportive of the efficient use of land but the WoE JSP assumption for 1,000 additional dwellings from predominantly Weston Super Mare over and above opportunities identified in the adopted Site Allocations Plan should be fully justified by robust evidence. The setting of any density standards in the new Local Plan should be undertaken in accordance with the 2018 NPPF (para 123). In the circumstances of an existing or anticipated shortage of land for meeting identified housing needs then a minimum density in suitable locations such as town centres and those benefiting from good public transport connections may be appropriate as proposed under Option 3. However blanket approaches to minimum densities across parts of the District (Option 1) and allocated sites (Option 2) may be inappropriate and unlikely to provide a variety of typologies to meet the housing needs of different groups. The inter-relationship between density, house size (including any implications from the introduction of optional Nationally Described Space Standards and / or accessible / adaptable homes standards), mix and developable acreage on viability should also be carefully considered especially if Options 1, 2 and / or 4 are pursued by the Council.

If the Council wishes to adopt any of the higher optional technical standards for housing as policy requirements then this should only be done in accordance with the 2018 NPPF (para 127f & Footnote 42). The Written Ministerial Statement (WMS) dated 25th March 2015 stated that "the optional new national technical standards should only be required through any new Local Plan policies if they address a clearly evidenced need, and where their impact on viability has been considered, in accordance with the NPPG". The Council should comply with the criteria set out in the NPPG.

1,000 dwellings in W-s-M needs to be fully justified by robust evidence