Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 29 Nov 2018

I write in response to the Local Plan 2036 for North Somerset, and wish to support the recommendation to protect the Green Belt land between Nailsea and Tower House Wood (to the north-east of the town centre).

As a local resident (I live in Yeomead, BS48 1JA), I'm very concerned about Nailsea Town Council's push for North Somerset Council to review the Green Belt for the following reasons;

  • North Somerset Council have historically dismissed this site for development, so have firm and valid reasons for upholding this, as they have done in the past
  • The valley is designated as 'contributing' Green Belt (Green Belt Assessment in Joint Spatial Plan) and serves as vital green space between Nailsea and Tower House Wood
  • The land is beautiful green fields and working farmland - it offers a scenic pocket of peace and quiet
  • As local residents, we regularly walk along and across this land to access Tower House Wood, or for circular walks. We have 2 young children and the opportunity we have to do this on our doorstep is very special to us all.
  • From the time we have spent in this area of land, we've seen many types of wildlife - birds, insects etc
  • We've also seen how regularly the land floods - sometimes it makes the fields impassable - to try to develop on this site seems foolish and the resultant water runoff from the roads and buildings will lead to more flooding.
  • If the industrial area will be increased, there's increased risk of pollution of River Yeo
  • River Yeo feeds into a SSSI - we need to protect the water quality across it's whole length
  • The resultant increase in traffic created by developing on this area will be an issue - the surrounding road network isn't set up to support extra traffic
  • Nailsea is already a commuter town - there are very few employment opportunities here for people of a working age. It would be better to focus development nearer to the centres of employment, i.e. Bristol (or at least transport - i.e. Nailsea & Blackwell train station). 

In summary, I urge you to stand firm and not change your position on the Green Belt and this area of land

Protect the Green Belt at north-east Nailsea.