North Somerset Core Strategy Consultation on consequential changes to remitted policies CS6, CS14, CS19, CS28, CS30, CS31, CS32, CS33

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The Core Strategy is the strategic planning document for North Somerset covering the period 2006-2026 and was adopted in 2012. 

As a result of a legal challenge in 2013 parts of the plan were sent back to the Planning Inspectorate to be re-examined.  The examination of the ‘remitted’ policies commenced with a reassessment of the housing requirement within North Somerset up to 2026 (Policy CS13).  On 18 September 2015 the Secretary of State confirmed a new housing requirement of 20,985 dwellings. 

The final stage of this process is the reassessment of the remaining remitted policies in the light of the new housing target to consider whether any consequential changes are required. 

The Council has identified its proposed changes to the other remitted policies and this consultation is the opportunity for others to comment. 

Comments are invited on both the overall approach and the proposed changes to the affected policies (CS6, CS14, CS19, CS28, CS30, CS31, CS32 and CS33).

All representations received will be forwarded to the new planning inspector who will undertake the examination, arrange hearings as appropriate and make recommendations. The Council will then be able to re-adopt these remitted policies.

The last day for comments is Friday 18 December. The easiest way to respond to the document is online.

Comments can also be emailed to or sent to Planning Policy Team,  North Somerset Council, Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ.

To view background documents relating to the re-examination of the remitted policies visit the Councils Core Strategy webpage.  If you require any further information on this consultation please contact Michael Reep on 01934 426775 or email



  • Opened
    6 Nov 2015 at 00:00
  • Closed
    18 Dec 2015 at 23:59


Organisational Information

Contact Name Michael Reep
Job title Planning Policy Manager
Contact Email
Contact Telephone 01934 426775

Project Information

Aim of this consultation To get views on the proposed consequential changes to remiitted policies CS6, CS14, CS19, CS28, CS30, CS31, CS32 and CS33
Close Date 18 Dec 2015 23:59
Consultation Topic
  • Business - jobs, new business or factories
  • Community - neighbourhoods, equalities, youth offending and registrar
  • Environment - building work, transport, trees and recycling
  • Housing - homelessness, housing advice and rented housing
Context for this consultation The Examination of remitted policy CS13 (scale of new housing) has now been concluded with a revised district housing target of 20,985 being confirmed for the period up to 2026. The purpose of this consultation is to invite comments on the proposed consequential changes to the other remitted policies in order to deliver this revised housing number.