Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Document Section Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Retailing, Town, District and Local Centres DM64-69 [View all comments on this section]
Respondent Wrington Parish Council [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 19 Apr 2013

DM64 - Town, District & Local Centres

The Council supports this policy and the related policies DM65, DM66, DM68 and DM69. We have noted the designation of a Local Centre in Wrington village, ref Schedule 7.



9. DM67 - Retailing within defined town, district and local centres but outside primary shopping frontages

Our feeling is that this policy should be stronger and more orientated to ensuring that the loss of retail premises will only be permitted where it can be demonstrated that closure is unavoidable. We suggest that the first paragraph is rewritten to read:

‘... the loss of shops will only be permitted where it can be shown that this does not harm the vitality and viability ...’.

Alternatively, if this is not to apply uniformly across the district then the wording should be revised to relate specifically to the countryside, Infill Villages and Service Villages.