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Response Date 19 Apr 2013
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Policy WSM19: Employment-led Regeneration at Weston Villages

Origin3 objects to this policy on the grounds that it is premature, inappropriate, and repeats unnecessarily the provisions of Policy CS28 and CS30.

First, Policies CS28 and CS30 are two of those remitted to the Planning Inspectorate for re-examination. For reasons outlined elsewhere, we consider it likely that there will be a substantial increase in total housing provision in North Somerset. Whether or not this might result in the allocation of further sites at Weston-super-Mare makes no difference to the fact that the relationship between housing and employment in North Somerset as a whole might be significantly changed. Consulting on Policy WSM19 is therefore in our view premature and prejudicial in the wider development plan context that it is supposed to sit.

Secondly, the summary of the judgement on the challenge to the Core Strategy states in relation to the second, partially successful challenge concludes thus:

"However, [the Inspector] failed to give ‘adequate or intelligible reasons for his conclusion that the Council’s housing target of 14,000 dwellings made sufficient allowance for latent demand (ie demand unrelated to the creation of new jobs)". It could not reasonably be argued that latent demand is confined to those parts of the district outside Weston-super-Mare, notwithstanding what we understand to be the Council’s concern about the extent of out-commuting from North Somerset generally and from Weston in particular. Making due allowance for latent demand will affect the relationship between

housing and employment to an extent which renders the policy inappropriate.

Thirdly, Policy WSM19 duplicates and then adds to the provisions of CS28. We consider its requirements to be unreasonable independently of the outcome of the re-examination of Core Strategy policies. The policy imposes unreasonable burdens on applicants and seeks to exercise a degree of control over development which is excessive to an extent that development altogether may well be inhibited. This would have unnecessary adverse effects on the implementation of the Core Strategy in which the Weston Villages will remain vitally important elements, even if the re-examination results in the allocation of further major sites at any location in North Somerset.

As with Policy DM34, we consider that Policy WSM19 meets none of the requirements of paragraph 182 of the NPPF and we conclude that its shortcomings are sufficient to render the entire Sites and Policies Plan unsound.