Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013
Current Status Accepted

Bleadon Parish Council wishes to make the following comments:

•    We accept the minor adjustment to the Settlement Boundary (Policy DM33) at Bleadon Quarry.

•    The balance between Residential and Employment Use must have a strong emphasis towards Residential development and be in keeping with the local character and appearance of the area.

•    We support the recommended maximum of 25 dwellings.

•    We consider that a Dedicated Community Space should be included in any development proposal.

•    The site has a history of issues regarding foul and surface water drainage which must be specifically addressed in any development proposals.

•    Local infrastructure will be a key issue for any proposed development which must specifically address the following:

         1) Site access to Bridge Road.

         2) Provision of a pavement and possible widening of Bridge Road.

         3) Major road works to improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians at the compound junction with the A370 at Bridge Road/Bleadon Mill.

•    Any development proposal for Bleadon Quarry will have a major impact on the village of Bleadon. For this reason the Parish Council requests that it be included in any future consultations or discussions with North Somerset and potential developers on the future of the site.