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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

Policy WSM19 Employment-led Regeneration at Weston Villages

Policy WSM19 seeks to elaborate upon the long standing policy requirement for there to be an employment led regeneration at Weston-super-Mare, including at Weston Villages. However, this policy is somewhat dated and severely restricts the delivery of new housing at Weston-super-Mare, contrary to the NPPF, and should be revisited in due course.

Whilst employment delivery at Weston-super-Mare should be kept under close review, the Council also needs to monitor housing delivery at the town and the degree of unmet housing needs and demands at Weston and pursue a policy which better achieves an appropriate balance between employment and housing delivery at the town. 

Persimmon note and support that all employment generating land uses, with some exceptions, will be counted towards the release of residential development.

Change Sought to the Plan

That Policy WSM19 be revised in light of the above.