Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

Policy WSM19 Employment-Led Regeneration at Weston Villages


This Policy built on previous discussions between Developers and the Council on the delivery of the employment-led approach for Weston Villages.  We have 3 specific comments on the Policy as it is drafted:


1.      Clauses b, d and f all refer to use of a S106 Agreement and Planning Conditions.  We consider this should refer to a S106 Agreement or Planning Conditions and the preference would be to use a S106 route to be more appropriate than use of Conditions. 


2.      Clause c is too vague and should specifically set out the exceptions which apply. 


3.      Clause d sets out a Review Mechanism.  It is important that delivery of housing against the need to maintain a 5 Year Supply of housing land forms part of the Review process, because under supply of housing and the impact on 5 Year Supply should be weighed against any under delivery of employment land in carrying out the Assessment.