Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Apr 2013

B.3.4 Employment, Health & Personal Services & Retail:


Retail and essential service providers are an important source of local employment opportunities together with education.


Any desirable development of these services must be market led, other than specific health provision.  BRA supports the enhancement and maintenance of the quality and quantity of the established services and their development – particularly in diversity.  We believe this is best facilitated by the designation of a ‘service centre’ as proposed (dBNP 9.9) which should include mixed office use above retail units to ensure viability.


As a Service Village, serving a large rural community including Infill Villages not served by public transport, the car is an essential means of transport to access the services.  The health of the retail sector will be increasingly dependent on adequate parking provision to attract this foot fall, which is being unsustainably lost to larger units on urban fringes out of district.