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Response Date 19 Apr 2013
Current Status Accepted

B.3.1 Employment, Site E24:


Site E24 has been unsuccessfully designated for many years for employment use.  Appropriate access to the site is restricted and it is badly served by highways. The site is also in close proximity to residential dwellings. The site has proved unattractive to most potential developers and employers. The lack of interest is despite considerable marketing.  Developers are familiar with the opportunity and declined to make proposals.


It is essential that this area is now reclassified for mixed use to ensure the delivery of a measure of employment development appropriate to the foreseeable market based on the forecast economy.  Sustainable employment use is likely to be small scale office and light industry/artisan – some of which are likely to be attractive to those relocating their professional, research or specialist manufacturing operations nearer their homes and away from the major conurbations. Such units will not make unattainable demands on existing infrastructure.


It is submitted that a maximum of approximately 1 ha of land at E24 site should be retained for B1 employment use (i.e. as dBNP 8.4) with the development of the remaining land being released to housing subject to delivery of the employment units. In addition, housing build will provide interim employment in the early difficult years of the plan peri

B.3.2 Employment, Sites D & E:


The likely availability of these sites is dealt with in sections 7.60 – 7.64 of dBNP. BRA’s position is outlined under ‘Residential Development’ above with a wish to see employment opportunities retained in some form together with maximising the key central location for appropriate dwellings.