Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Agent Alder King Planning Consultants
Response Date 18 Apr 2013
Current Status Accepted

Policy DM13 - Development within the Green Belt


              The University of Bristol’s site at Long Ashton should be excluded from the Green Belt in accordance with representations previously submitted to the Council. This could either be achieved in the context of a comprehensive Green Belt review (should numbers require this) or as an exception site on the grounds that very special circumstances can be demonstrated. Very special circumstances could be argued in light of the increased housing requirement (if so agreed) and the evidence already presented to the Council that the site can be removed from the Green Belt with no harm to Green Belt objectives and with no adverse impact on the wider landscape (as evidenced by Julian Cooper to the EIP, which formed part of Alder King’s representations).


            Should the housing requirement increase as a consequence of the re-examination, Policies DM33 (settlement boundaries) and DM34 (housing allocations) in particular – and potentially others as well – may well require amendment to take account of additional sites, which should include the University’s land at Long Ashton.