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Response Date 18 Apr 2013
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Policy WSM19 Employment-led regeneration at Weston Villages

– We initially seek clarification that the policy does not contradict any requirements as already set out in the Weston Villages Supplementary Planning Document, Core Strategy or Joint Landowners Agreement (agreed at the Core Strategy Examination).

Whilst St Modwen recognises the need to set out the 1.5 jobs per homes ratio, there is a requirement for the policy to recognise that market conditions and requirements are continually evolving. Therefore sufficient flexibility should be provided to allow for phasing layouts to account for major occupier requirements to come forward at any time which may for example be on sites originally allocated for alternative uses.

We note part a(3) which requires that reserved matters applications will be accompanied by a Detailed Economic Statement (DES) which updates the original Outline Economic Statement (OES). However outline applications including the Locking Parklands application are expected to be lodged and determined ahead of the adoption of this policy. Therefore we would expect that a suitable provision is made for flexibility at reserved matters stage to reflect the agreed position at outline stage. On this basis we welcome the recognition (item f) within the policy that the detailed aspects related to phasing, quantities and other material issues will be agreed on a case by case basis.