Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 18 Apr 2013
Current Status Accepted


Policy DM40 Retirement Accommodation and Supported Independent Living for Older and Vulnerable People

– Whilst sites such as Locking Parklands may provide future opportunities for such accommodation, we are concerned with a blanket and rather generic requirement to provide such accommodation on residential sites above 100 dwellings.

Policy DM 41 Nursing and Care Homes for Older People and Other Vulnerable People

– We note that such facilities are not permitted outside of settlement boundaries unless evidence can be provided to demonstrate that there is no alternative site within "the towns and villages". We seek clarification on this criteria as it would be unreasonable to require this to be demonstrated on a district wide basis.

Policy DM42 Lifetime Homes

– The blanket requirement to deliver Lifetime Homes standards on all new build residential home developments over 10 dwellings will need to be considered in light of site wide viability considerations and prevailing national policy at that point in time.