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Agent Camilla Fisher (RPS)
Response Date 17 Apr 2013
Current Status Accepted

In respect of proposed policy DM31, Core Strategy Policy CS12 deals

with achieving high quality design and place-making and makes reference to

designing out crime and the principles of Secured by Design. Proposed

policy DM31expands upon CS12 and sets out what will be taken into

consideration in determining if design is acceptable, however it is noted that

at present there is no specific reference to safety in relation to design.

A&SC fully support the principles of ensuring a safe environment through the

use of design and will continue to work with the Local Planning Authority and

other partners to ensure the objective of a safe environment is achieved.

Secured by Design is the UK police flagship initiative supporting the

principles of ‘designing out crime’ and it or its principles should be referred

to in this policy and explanatory text.

As the Council is hopefully aware, the Constabulary employs a Crime

Prevention Design Officer to assist developers in dealing with crime risk and

offers advice for designing out crime in the built environment. In addition to

physical security measures the officer will consider defensible space, access,

crime and movement generators all of which can contribute to a reduction in

crime and disorder. A&SC believe that it would be positive to achieving high

quality design if such information is referred to in any design policy and the

explanatory text.