Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 17 Apr 2013
Current Status Accepted

Comments on Place-Making Policies

Several of the sites identified in this section of the document as listed below appear to have potential for wildlife and we therefore recommend that they should have additional wording to recognise potential ecological constraints, for example:

'development should be permitted subject to an ecological survey of the site as necessary, making provision for mitigation and compensation measures as appropriate as outlined in DM9.'

The sites are:

·         WSM17 South of Herluin Way

·         WSM18 Gas works site

·         WSM21 J21 Enterprise Area

·         WSM25 Waste management facility Aisecombe Way

·         WSM26 Park and Ride Provision

·         NA2 NW Nailsea

·         NA3 Trendlewood Way


 ·         PH3 Harbour Road, Quays Avenue, north of Moor Farm, proposed Railway Stations

·         W1 Woodborough Farm